Anti-inflammatory massage oil “Green barley”

Extraordinary massage oil for face and body, which has a wide range of valuable cosmetic properties. The main active components of the product are freeze-dried juice of barley sprouts and Tamanu oil. This oil contains the juice of barley seedlings affected by freeze-drying, preserving all the valuable properties of barley seedlings. They are an extremely valuable source of protein, vitamins, enzymes, chlorophyll, macro- and microelements. The high content of natural forms of tocopherols, vitamin C and carotenoids, together with the presence of superoxide dismutase plant, suggests extract of barley cosmetic product with significant multilateral and antioxidant activity. The main active ingredients are kalofillolidy Tamanu oil (natural neoflavanoidy, which are natural antibiotics and reduce inflammation), kalofillievaya acid (stimulates the healing process) and inofillolidy (different antiviral properties). Due to its astringent and regenerating properties, Tamanu oil is perfect not only for the speedy healing of surgical sutures after operations and help equalize the old post-operative, keloid scars.                      
Aroma balm is a sensual harmony of vanilla and patchouli. At its core, deep and erotic, revealing feelings and creativity. Our collection balms “Seasons” is the personification of winter. Suitable for natures with well-developed intuition, mystical and philosophical turn of mind, a tendency to introspection. Warming to energetically balm “Patchouli” is perfect for deep muscle massage aimed at relaxation and detoxification of tissues, relieve fatigue and emotional stress.
Recommended for all skin types, especially prone to dryness and early age-related changes.
Bright refreshing scent of lemon and mint make this balm breath of joy to your consciousness. In its energy and cool light he is the personification of spring, all young and new. Suitable for a creative and dynamic, aspiring to all new, bright and fresh. Recommended for vibrant, stimulating massage of the face and body and care for normal and combination skin.